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Pumping Station

Installed to pump sewage where sewage cannot run via gravity

A pump station is a large tank situated below ground that moves sewage from one place to another. These are usually installed to pump sewage where sewage cannot run via gravity and needs to be pumped to a point where it can run using gravity either into a main sewer or septic tank/sewage treatment plant.

Pump stations can also be used on an outlet of a septic tank or sewage treatment plant. If your effluent ever needs to be pumped to higher ground to where your drainage field/soakaway is situated a pump station could be an option for you.

In a pump station you can get a build-up of sediment, fat or grease which requires emptying and a high pressure clean. If left unattended and no maintenance is carried out there is a chance the float switches could fail and cause blockages in the pumps.

We therefore recommend getting your pump station serviced regularly.

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